Easter Activities for the Whole Family

Easter Activities for the Whole Family

Easter is right around the corner, and honestly? You’re probably a little sick of the same old egg-dyeing traditions, right? We get it. As dentists, we’re a little worried about the amount of candy that children eat around this holiday, and we’d rather not provide you with a list of sweets and candies for your little ones to celebrate with. Instead, here are some fun activities that are Easter-centric, family friendly, and better for their teeth to do around Easter this year!

6 Easter Activities for 2018
Visit Color Me Mine

One of the coolest activities Utah has to offer is Color Me Mine. Never heard of it? Check out their website, and visit one of their four Utah locations. You can bring the whole family and have fun painting Easter themed pottery with designs such as eggs, bunnies, or anything else! Pick up your pieces a week later and enjoy your family’s artwork for years to come!’

Dye Eggs a Different Way

Instead of coloring eggs like you always do, consider making deviled eggs, with a twist. After you’ve boiled your eggs and separated the whites from the yolks, allow the whites to sit in colored water for a few minutes before completing the recipe. A cute alternative that your children can help with, and is much better for their teeth and health! Check out All Recipes for the complete recipe.

Visit the Thanksgiving Point Ashton Gardens

Easter is all about spring, sunshine, and being with your families. That’s why we love the Ashton Gardens at Thanksgiving Point. Here you can enjoy beautiful gardens, the Tulip Festival, and allow your children to get some excellent exploring in. We should also mention that this is a great location for any Easter photo shoots you’d like to accomplish!

Make Something Sweet

Even though we’re trying to avoid eating too many sweets, we figured this recipe from SugarHero would be an excellent alternative to candy. You’ll still get your sugar craving though, because this entire “pizza” is made of fruit! It’s both beautiful and satisfying, and you can let your little superheroes run wild with the design. Copy SugarHero’s striped pattern, or ask your children to create a picture. Then enjoy your pizza on Easter Sunday with a picnic!

Invite Some Fairies Over

Another great DIY you can include the whole family with is creating a fairy house for your yard or garden. What a great way to welcome both spring and Easter! As you build your fairy house, just remember to remind your little ones to be very careful and patient so as to not break or hinder the house! You can follow this step-by-step from wikiHow to create your new house! Also, this DIY could easily be modified to welcome some Easter bunnies if that’s a little more relevant for the holiday.

Image Source: TheFairyGarden.ca

Image Source: DaveLowe.blogspot.com

Attend Easter Eggstreme

You can’t have Easter without the classic egg hunt. Luckily for you, Utah has many taking place across the valley! Check out the Easter Eggstreme on March 31st at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi this year. Instead of just candy in those precious eggs, your children will enjoy small prizes and other goodies! They will also be able to meet the Easter bunny this day, so make sure you sign up soon!

Image Source: UtahValley360

After-Holiday Care

We hope that you and your family have an excellent Easter this year, and that you get to spend quality time together, as well as get outside! We also hope these activity ideas have given you some good go-to’s for your Easter celebrations. However, afterward you’ll likely need to do some extra teeth care. Despite your best efforts to avoid too much sugar consumption, it’s likely that your little ones still ate a few too many sweets. So make sure you come on into your nearest Burg office for a checkup.

We are happy to welcome your superheroes to any of our offices and do everything we can to help them feel comfortable and have fun! If you’d like to schedule your post-Easter checkup now, just go ahead and call us at any of our locations here.



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